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Adworks is a multi-level Sports Marketing organization that forms strategic partnerships for the purpose of leveraging current relationships, increasing brand awareness and generating new revenue.

The Adworks team, based in Dublin, Ohio is the industry-leading provider of outsourced sponsorship sales and B2B Marketing Strategies.

We are a tenured team of dedicated sponsorship sales executives whose sole mission is to help you realize and maximize your companies Sales & Marketing goals.

With more than 30 years of experience, we can source, secure, and service the right matches for your organization to help you grow and elevate your revenue streams to new heights.

Each day, our team works to initiate, nurture, and grow relationships with the world’s leading Fortune 1,000 companies as well as local and regional companies that drive revenue and empower our clients to expand the image and execution of their planning and execution of their brand. We will strive to align our clients and sponsors with similar strategic goals.

Contact AdWorks

While our new website is being rebuilt, please contact

Matt Lawrence
(614) 668-9090

Chris Lucas 
(614) 397-1581

Martin W. Magill
(614) 403-5221